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Transform your web broswer into a Powerfull and Safe gaming console !

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Transform your web browswer into a Powerfull and Safe gaming console !

What is a web app ?? click here to learn more about web apps (wiki link).

Benefits of using the app :

*** Works on all Desktops,Laptops,notebooks (Pc and Mac)
*** Tested on the all major browsers - IE, CHROME, FIREFOX, SAFARI
*** Play in full screen mode *** unique navigation system for the archive
*** safergames chart - game of the month chart wich started at 2010 !

want to try it anyway ? please use the contact page to get a free password ,
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joining is simple , click on the paypal logo to proceed to the payment page.upon registration you will recieve a password plus membership details...a full membership system is under construction..


*** play in full screen mode by default.
*** unique archive navigation system.
*** No ads while playing (some games have a short ad at the begining..).
*** Enjoy our monthly chart - game of the month archive (2013-2018).
*** 600+ carefully selected games.
*** Free upgrades for the apps.
*** Free tech support.
*** Free daily updates.

off course you can still play all the games from the archive for free , just click on the 'games' link from the top menu..this is a basic option to review all the games we have and updated once a month with at least 30 new games.
we do encourege you to become a member to use the unique app wich is like a media player but for flash games .one of its benifits is that its a browser based app and its always updated ,similar to open source projects..
Further more we check houndreds of games every month and only a few pass our filter system , in this way safergames acts like any popular anti virus software (norton,avast,,,etc) but for browser based games.Once you become a member the app is updated daily with a new game while the archive is updated once a month only.

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Address:cascais, lisboa, Portugal


Phone:please email me for the number

introducing a safer and healthier gaming experiance for young kids..


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    daily updated blog , through the years we collected many usefull
    articles for parents regarding internet and video gaming safety...

Welcome to Safer Games !

...Safer Games is a safe and free playground for kids (ages 4-10) and online gamers...our strict no-violent , no-blood policy for the archive is one of its kind in the World Wide Web !!...safer games is a great tool for parents/teachers or educators who want to get involved in the kids online gaming archive hosts 900+ games , every game passes a strict filtering system wich is similiar to the popular firewall programs...We treat video games as if they are a real world ! Thats our rule of thumb... Example - the famous "Mario Bros" game is banned because mario jumps on animals,elimanting them , in order to get gold and points - thats one of the rules in the game engine we can't accept - killing/eliminating animals/creatures for a reward and in-game progress...
The games that pass the firewall get a 'snapshot' picture wich is used as a "thumbnail" for launching the game...the idea is - ' what you see is what you get ' - and aims to provide a quick understanding on what the game is all about just by looking at the image - a new unique concept developed to minimize the strain on young kids eyes while searching for games (trying to read their small titles can be stressfull !) ...
Play games like a pro - Members enjoy 2 unique apps we created to maximize your gaming experiance no matter what device you are using (IOS version is under development..) , aswell as a daily update of games...

Note archive is free to explore and updated monthly - click the /games/ tab on the main page to play !!


Safer Games Guidelines

We will not tolerate :

No violence: No killing or eliminating gameplays !

No blood: games that introduce blood scenes are banned !

No nudity:any nudity or sexual scenes are banned !

No ads:games with pre loading ads are not allowed (mochiads,etc)

No cookies:We DO NOT collect any information from our guests !

And we are offering...

Full screen mode : less stress on the kids eyes.. !

Unique archive system : especialy designed for easy acces !

Resizable GUI:Designed for all popullar Notebooks , Netbooks and Laptops !

Android / IOS versions :coming soon !

We love gaming too : Designed by expert gamers for young gamers !

Contact the admin here...

Contact Info

Address:cascais, lisboa, Portugal


Phone:please email me for the number